Andrea Dys – 2-Time C25k Participant

Andrea Dys 10miler

In the spring of 2015, I remember leaving my house at a very early hour with the purpose of starting the C25K program with Tramaine. On my drive to the gym I thought, “What are you doing out of your warm bed at this hour?” but I felt optimistic that I was doing the right thing. The bottom line is I wanted to get active and I always wanted to run! Of course really wanting to do a thing and actually doing a thing are two different things.

That morning, Tramaine set the interval pace to run for one minute and I got through it , then two and three minutes in subsequent weeks and I got through those as well. You see, as disappointed I was at allowing myself to get out of shape and performing miserably those first few mornings, I also wanted above all other things to be strong, active and healthy.

Today, I run. Running has become a part of my regular routine. I am not fast by any stretch of the imagination but I recognize that Forward Movement is still Forward no matter how slow that movement may be. I’ve now completed several 5k races and have tackled some longer runs(4 miles, 10k , a 10 miler) and will complete my first ½ marathon in a few days! Take the challenge as I did and Train with Tramaine!


~ Andrea Dys (Spring 2015 & Fall 2015)

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