Jared’s Testimonial

“Procrastination… Stress… Work… Excuses… Sound familiar? Years of not putting my body first put me in the worst shape of my life and weighing in at my heaviest. Training with Tramaine helped transform my mind and body and reset them back into their best form.

Tramaine helped me change the way I look at working out. I no longer work out to compensate for what I ate the day before, or because it’s a chore I have to do. Fitness in any capacity is now my favorite thing to do; I work out not to compensate for what I had the night before, but to see what my body can do today, that it couldn’t do yesterday.

TwT’s mix of HIT and functional bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere were extremely helpful when I was not in the gym with her – often traveling around the country for work and having trouble finding a gym or time to fit a few sets in.

Eating properly and diehard consistency in my workouts were the keys to success. Hard work always pays off! Eating right, working out, putting my body first – this is all now a lifestyle, not a program!

Jared’s Progress


May 21, 2016
September 3, 2016
February 7, 2017

252.8 lbs
225.0 lbs
191.8 lbs

Body Fat %:


Muscle Mass:
67.4 lbs
70.2 lbs
96.8 lbs

Jared’s Journey

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